Saturday, 10 January 2009

Help....Hits Counter Won't Show!!!

Can anybody hits counter will not show, just a white box with a red cross. I am fairly good with computers but just cannot get it to work again....aaarrrhhhh!!!
I have added a new one starting at 4200 as I think my hits were around that mark.....I am going to be offering candy to celebrate 5000 hits and also for my birthday which is coming soon.
Any help will be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

No idea hun! ive got to do mine in a mo, think it's gone funny one everyone site! xxx

Ria said...

Mine isn't working either and i am closing in on 25000 hits and want to do candy also but how do I know????

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi emma, the counter is showing to me its at 4212 maybe its the gremlins at work again ju x

clare said...

morning hun,mine has been the same now for 2days,it happen the other night when i/we had problems uploading pic's to your blog,and ive also noticed it the same on other blogs...gutted cause i cant think how much mine was on..sure it was around 1874 not as much as yours..well done hun on your hits x
hugs clare xx
feeling a lot better this morning,will email you later xx

Moni said...

I can see your counter! Hugs, Moni

Heather "Hev" said...

Now and again it will do that and then it just reappears - I am not sure why either!!

Clare said...

Mine's doing that too! I thought it was just my computer! lol! Let me know if you find out how to sort it please. Can you email me your address for the image swap? I'm not ready yet but will sort the images out next week. Hugs, Clare x

Lynsey said...

Hi Emma
Mine's not working either! I don't know how to fix it, if you find out let me know!
Hugs Lynsey:)

emma said...

im with you lot, mines not working either. I think the site must be down although mine hasnt been working for a few days now! sorry cant help hun
love emma xxx