Wednesday, 28 January 2009

An Award....

Linda has nominated me for this order to accept you need to state 10 honest things about yourself, making it interesting and digging deep if necessary! Then pass onto 7 others.

Here are some things about me:-
1 - Addicted to diet coke (with a tot of mailbu on the odd occasion)
2 - Love Gourmet Jelly Beans
3 - I am a girl racer with a turbo charged Subaru Impreza (great for beating the boy racers off at the lights)
4 - Been with my partner Steve since I was 14...awwww
5 - Had a mortgage since I was 18
6 - Love going to Gran Canaria
7 - Hate housework and detest ironing (but luckily my mums loves it!!)
8 - I can sew and knit
9 - Have an obsession for the PG Tips monkey (started when he was the face of On Digital)
10 - Love candles
The ladies I am passing this onto are:-

Just for a bit of fun...if you have already got the award just ignore or if you can't be bothered, haven't got time again just ignore......Lol



Tasha said...

Ah thanks Emma i will add a post to the one i just did. Thank you
love tasha

Katy said...

Thanks Emma I have added it to my blog and passed it on :)


Clare said...

Thanks Emma, I really appreciate it. Will have a long think about 10things about me and post tomorrow. Glad we finally posted our images today. We got organised hooray! Hope ur ok, hugs Clare x

Clare said...

I've posted my award and things about me. Hope you have a laugh. Loved reading about you. Thanks again, hugs Clare x

Moni said...

Congrats on the award and thank you of thinking of me! I will post it on my blog when I fill a little better! Hugs, Moni

crafty amy said...

Well done on your award hun. I wish I could get a morgage thought renting has some benefits I would love to have my own place properly :(

X Amy X