Thursday, 2 October 2008

A few lovely suprises for me today....

I am very new to the world of blogging but in that short space of time I have had my blog set up I have been lucky to have a couple of very special ladies contact me.
We have been mailing on a daily basis and getting to know each other.
I am having a bit of a rough time at the moment, signed off work waiting to see a specialist re Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) and also my grandad is seriously ill in hospital.
I heard a knock on the door this morning, I knew it was the post so off I went in my pj's with my hair all over the place and silly socks on. It is usually a lady who delivers our post so I wasn't too concerned. Oh it had to be different this morning tho didn't it!!!
I open the door only to find a nice young postman stood there!!
What a fright he must have got!!
I have received a gorgeous card from Pops (Poppet's Place) and a mountain of crafty items.

I was astounded, lost for words and tearful, how so thoughtful of her. I had mailed her some bits and peices to help with some men's cards she had to do but never expected all this in return.
Thank you so much Pops, you are a true gem x x x
Then I opened an envelope to find this big beautiful card off Linda (Linanna Designs).
Linda has made the card with a cat theme and filled it with images for me to watercolour.

Again I was lost for words - A big 'Thank you' to Linda also, you too are a gem x x x
Both Pops and Linda have lightened my day - I am so very grateful to both of them.
Thank you, Emma x



You deserve it hun. I know you're having a bad time of it just now and if it brightens your day its worth it!! Look after yourself and will email your later. Hugs Linda x