Thursday, 30 October 2008

Big Thanks You's....

No cards from me today...I spent yesterday moving things about in the house to make room for my ever growing craft stash.
I have packaged some of Steve' things up and he has put them in the attic...
a friend suggested that I put him in there too but I think that is a little mean...
very tempting tho!!!!
He doesn't need all those football programmes, video's and books like I do my crafty stash!!!!
I would like to say a few HUGE THANK YOU'S to a few people.
Firstly to Sammie and Shaleise from Pop's Angels -
They have sent me these wonderful cards with very nice messages of thanks.
I went to meet Pops, Lee and the children a short while ago after getting to know Pops through blogging...they made me feel so welcome in their home and truly are a lovely family.
I am very pleased that they liked me and that I am invited to see them again...I think Pops was relieved to know they hadn't put me off too.
I took them all a few little gifts and these cards are to thank me.
Also enclosed with the cards were these beautiful papers and images.

On the same day I received this gorgeous card from Marcea filled with beautiful images and flowers.

And last but certainly not least I received these beautiful images, lace and charms enclosed in gorgeous organza bags from Linda

Thank you soooo much to you all....I am amazed at how kind and generous you all are.
You have certainly made me smile during this time of bad luck I seem to be having.
Big hugs



You so deserve it all hun, you are one of the most genuine, kindest people I know. We all want to let you know we are here for you, to give you the support you give to all of us! Hugs to you Linda x

Natalie said...

What great images and cards. Have fun with them. x

Marcea said...

You have lots of friends hun because you are such a lovely person. I am glad we can help make you smile, especially over this past week. Can't wait for our meet ... oooh think of all the fun we will have

POPPET said...

Thank you for putting the kids cards up they were well chuffed, hope your ok, speak soon love Pops, liddie and sammie x x x x

Catherine said...

those are great images you got there, and i can't wait to see what you do with them :)

Clare said...

Lucky thing, all those goodies. Hope you are smiling now. Take care x