Wednesday, 10 December 2008

More Christmas Cards....

I am still plodding (literally) through my card are a few I have made for one of my customers. The doggie one to daddy is from her dog to her boyfriend!!! Lol

Right on with more....another order appeared through the letterbox the other day.
I really must get them out of the way so I can get on with my own....
I CAN NOT buy any, that would be a crime!!!!


clare said...

aww..emma..those are lovely hun..who said buying cards will be a your doing well and keep it up :-)
love clare x

emma said...

hi Em, why is it that christmas falls on the same day every year yet it takes us by suprise every year and we are never ready...especially with making our own christmas cards!!!
ive still got a million to make so think i will be once again popping to the shop to buy them
gorgoeus cards hunny
love emma

Diane.W. said...

Great cards Emma!!!
Can't believe the dog one,lol,I'm proper nuts & have 3 dogs,but if I sent my hubby a card from them,he would send me off for a check up from the neck up,haha!!!!
Keep up the good work,there is light at the end of the tunnel!!! ;O)x

POPPET said...

Know how you feel hun, on to my own cards now thank god for that, all great cards hun well done, hugs Pops x x x


These are all stunning cards Emma, keep plodding on hun, you are nearly at the end of it all!! big hugs to you Linda x

Sue said...

oh wow,Emma thesear ewonderufl, you have been so busy.

I make xmas cards for immediate family,friends and crafty friends oh and my lovely neighbours but the fiolk who won't appercaite them get a shop bought one,takes a little of the stress out of it:)