Friday, 17 August 2012 there anybody there??!!

Good Morning....
Finally I've got round to doing a post, never have a minute...time just seems to disappear.  All is fabulous with us and we are loving being a little family.
I miss you all and being part of the blogging world....I've made such fabulous friends and will never forget the support and kindness that you showed when my Dad was killed and on the arrival of Olivia. 
Still brings a tear to my eye now...thank you xxx

Olivia is still growing at a rapid rate and the last 9 months has gone in a flash...we are planning our first holiday for November to celebrate Steve's 40th.  God knows what I am going to be like as I get stressed enough when only the two of for luggage allowance and little ones getting none - don't they know how much stuff a baby needs??!! Lol

And here's our boy, sat on Daddy's knee...hopefully he's done all his growing, at 4.5 stone he's not really the lap dog he thinks he is!!

I've certainly become as addicted to fabrics as I was to's some of my makes.  My new venture is going very well and I'm getting a steady flow of orders in from family, friends and through my Facebook page....Little Ol Handmade.

Right breakfast time....hugs Emma xxx